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Updated on 25 November, 2021


Welcome to Onesalemart.com. Onesalemart.com is an online / e-commerce website where our terms and conditions guide your access to Onesalemart and your use of its website, apps, services, etc. By using this website, you accept our terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. If for any reason you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions, please refrain from accessing, registering and using our Website. This website is owned and operated by Accept Global Co., Limited (Registration / License Number: “C-161167”).

Onesalemart.com reserves the right to change, amend, attach or remove any of the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Terms and conditions changed without prior notice will be effective for customers. Please see our Terms and Conditions regularly to get the revised Terms and Conditions. Your regular use of the Website indicates that you are using our website in accordance with the revised Terms and Conditions.

Payment policy:

Onesalemart is a global retail marketplace, where products from global marketplaces such as China, AliExpress, Pakistan and Amazon can be purchased. From here the customer can purchase any product of his choice from any country. In this case, we deliver the money paid by the customer to the global supplier / seller / manufacturer with maximum security. We have provided Bangla Taka to the customer. C. By converting to Global Currency, we complete the global seller's payment within 24-48 working days through which our service is completed (as a marketplace or media). Therefore, we are operating our services in compliance with the guidelines laid down by the Bangladesh Bank and the Ministry of Commerce for the acceptance of advance payments and complete delivery of goods or services in accordance with the Digital Commerce Management Guidelines. Customer purchases products from his global seller according to his wishes according to (FEDEX, DHL, any other means) can ship. However, for the convenience of the customer, we also have the facility to bring the product through our own global shipment service. We receive the products ordered from the supplier in our Global Warehouse and bring them to Bangladesh through our own Global Logistics Service - Shipbuilder. In this case we pay the VAT tax and other charges of Bangladesh Customs without taking any advance from the customers and the goods are delivered to the customer's doorstep in cash-on-delivery.

Delivery Terms:

We deliver some products in closed box. We carefully check and ship before each product is shipped, so customers may not trial or open the box before the product is completed. However, if a customer unexpectedly finds the wrong product, the customer will be able to claim exchange, refund or return for that product and we will be obliged to exchange, refund or return that product.


Shipping charges may vary. In case of international shipping (from China to Bangladesh) we carry shipping charges based on the weight of the product and in case of goods above Rs. 5000 per order, local delivery is free. Our shipping charges are much lower than other shipping companies (DHL / FEDEX). You can verify by calling their customer support if you want. Local delivery of product free of charge for orders above Rs. 5,000 per order. Local delivery charge free shipping is not applicable for products weighing more than 5 kg (eg machine, chair etc.).
In case of heavy goods, the shipping charge will be calculated according to the weight of the product.

Shipping time:

Shipping time is calculated on working days. Out of the scope of public holidays. If your product is lost from our warehouse due to unforeseen reasons or we are unable to deliver your product within the specified date, we will take a few more days to find out. However, if your product is not found, we will refund you within 35-40 days from the order date.

Terms of use:

Your account: To use some of the services on our website you need to open an account or complete the account with some of your personal information. We reserve the right to cancel your username or password at any time without prior notice, and we are not responsible for any harm or loss you may suffer as a result of this cancellation. It is your responsibility to protect the privacy of your personal information, account information, passwords, etc. If for any reason you think someone knows your password or someone wants to use your password in a dishonest way, let us know quickly. Only you or your nominee to whom you provide login information has access to your personal information. Please ensure that all information you provide is accurate. You will need to provide all the information in your account. If you want to edit any information in your account, you cannot do so from your account. If you want to edit, you need to change it by contacting our customer service center. We reserve the right to revoke your access to our website, revoke your account, change or modify any subject without prior notice. You will regularly change the password to protect your account, protect your account privacy or be responsible for leaking your personal information.


Please see our Privacy Policy. Your website uses your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy with utmost care and privacy. Please refrain from using our website if you find our privacy policy to be invalid for any reason. Please refrain from using our website if you find our privacy policy to be invalid for any reason.

Communication Platform:

You agree that our website is an online platform that allows you to order products anytime, from anywhere, using a payment method of your choice. You are further informed and agree that we are only a medium whose website does not have the power to control any transaction or any third party payment method. Any agreement between you and the seller regarding the purchase of goods from our website is a bilateral agreement. In the same way, the transaction agreement between you and the service provider on our website is a bilateral agreement when it comes to online transactions.

Website Mobility:

We will do our best to keep the website active, uninterrupted and error free. Even then, the site may not always be up and running due to the speed of the internet and the movement of the site. In addition, your access to the Site may be temporarily denied due to versioning, repairing, maintaining or adding new services to the Site without prior notice. We will take all necessary steps to reduce such complications.

Website Use Permit:

By accessing this website, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older or that you are using the site with the cooperation and consent of your parents. We are licensing you to purchase products and services for our own use from our website in accordance with our terms and conditions. If you have registered on our site on behalf of a business organization, you are undertaking to abide by our user policies and all laws relating to online commerce on behalf of that organization. No person or organization can register as a member of our site more than once.